Sibling Time

One of the biggest blessings in life is family, and I’ve been blessed to have three awesome sisters! I really can’t imagine life without them. Yes, of course we fight sometimes, but we always get over it and often are having a great time together again soon afterwards! When I think to myself that I should spend more time with a sibling I tend to try to think of somewhere we could go together, or something big like that. But really the small things can be just as good and just as fun!

Last night we were playing around with Betz’s new curling wand. It wasn’t at all a formal “sibling time” that we had set aside to do something together, but we had so much fun, and there was lots of laughter! These are always my favorite times, and often bring the best memories! 10847822_1389398681354425_8002304375864059025_n

Something we like to do occasionally in the spring and summer is to have impromptu picnics in the yard. Its fun to pack your lunch up in a basket together, even if you are only carrying it out the front door!

I was once doing a project with some friends called “30 Miles in 30 Days”, where the goal was to walk a mile everyday for a month. Most days I was able to grab a sister to go along with me. It was nice to just spend that 20 minutes or so with them with no distractions.

Cooking or baking projects can also be a great time to spend time together! Emily and I were trying out a new recipe, along with turning the whole project into a photoshoot — it made for a very fun, silly time together! :)

What’s your favorite way to spend time with siblings? Do you schedule time in regularly to do something together, or do you prefer the spur of the moment opportunities?


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